Stefan’s first experience with a camera was while at school where he took a black and white photography course. He was able to develop his own films and print his own photos in the lab. The urge to take pictures has always remained strong since watching the images appear before his eyes in the development trays. Although he has not been in a dark room in years, he uses every opportunity to take photos, although rather than use chemicals and an enlarger, Stefan now has electronic dark room facilities in the form of digital cameras, PC, scanner and software at his disposal.

Having had his images published in books, magazines and leaflets, as well as via electronic media including websites, Stefan also undertakes commissioned work on a regular basis. He uses Canon equipment, has a number of their SLR bodies and an assortment of pro L-Series lenses. This combination produces fantastically detailed, sharp and error free images, many of which are available for sale through this website.